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We specialise in small business branding. Our team will work with you and your business to save you time and money, reduce your stress, and increase your brand exposure.

Our Methods

Are you tired of trying to work out how to update your website, build an e-newsletter, or create an eye-catching business card? Them let Omega Advertising do it for you!

We will save you time.

We will create your brand identity, produce engaging brand experiences, and even manage the whole lot for you once we are finished. We will update your website, post to Facebook, and keep all of your brand experiences working the way they should.

We will save you money.

Forget having to buy that design software and hardware, and then finding the time for training. We combine industry standard software and years of experience to create engaging brand experiences that span digital and online, print, and environmental applications.

We will increase your brand exposure.

Our brand development process is thorough, because we want to ensure that what we create for you supports your Value Proposition and is targeted towards your customers. By getting it right from the start, we will increase your opportunity to engage customers in more meaningful ways.

Omega Advertising 6 week marketing program


Are you concerned that everything you do isn’t as good as your competitors, or that your customers are not responding? We can help you with each of these scenarios, and more.

We can create your digital, print, and environmental brand experiences, liaise with printers and the website coders. Sounds like pretty good ways to reduce your stress wouldn’t you say?

Need to save time and money?

Let us be part of your success!

Get the latest marketing strategy that could make you company be on top of every search engine. Our team are all professionals and know what they are doing in website design, online promotion and mostly in making your business succeed.

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We provide tips and ideas in online marketing. We also have updates and steps on creating a website.

Understanding Web Development and Information Technology

The digital world is like the universe. Full of information, from a very simple notion to complex applications. Living in this generation demands at least a few knowledge about web development and information technology to get by.

Web Security: Safeguarding Your Website Against Cybercriminals 

Internet security is one of the most crucial requirements for every website online. Sharing ideas, information, and products online aren’t enough. Projecting a secure connection in your website will not only benefit you but also your website visitors. It will extend credibility and trustworthiness which is essential in the digital world where cybercrime is just around the corner.

Imagine your business if you had more time, more money, less stress, and a more prominent brand? With our brand management packages all of these things are possible.

More time - With more time you could work on new products or services, meet with new customers, and take time to work on your business planning.

Less stress - Having us look after your brand is one less stress for you. That means you can spend more time working on the business and enjoying it.

More money - Our brand management packages will save you money on hardware, software, and training. We create engaging brand experiences that heighten brand awareness and increase sales.

Increased brand exposure - An engaging brand presence means your customers are more likely to purchase your product and services, and share their positive experience with others.

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John Clarke

I only want to see satisfaction on every clients.


Karin Miller

A simple design is the new trend.


It's not hard to do business with Omega Advertising. They know what you want from the start you have set your foot in their office. I have a nice time talking to them and I have agreed with all the paperwork and sign a contract my world just changes. I have more time with my family and not worry about my business marketing. They also provide me weekly updates and data about my website's rank and traffics. They lessen my problem with online markets and let me focus more on improving my business.

James M.D. - Our Client

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