Understanding Web Development and Information Technology

Understanding Web Development and Information Technology

The digital world is like the universe. Full of information, from a very simple notion to complex applications. Living in this generation demands at least a few knowledge about web development and information technology to get by.

Delving into the world of digitalisation as a business will require a thorough understanding of the basics. Diverse and various platforms are launched daily to cater to the ever-changing demands of the market. One must know what your business needs to build a strong online branding foundation.  

Online enterprises are swarming the internet to gain visibility to their potential consumers. Having a clearcut image online will help sew a website that is parallel to your marketing schemes and the brand’s vision. Thus, being able to identify who and what you need to create an effective website is crucial.

To help you fully comprehend what’s the fuss is all about, here is an extensive description of the distinction between information technology and web development. 

What is Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) plays a crucial role in the integration and maintenance of the computer’s organisation and system. The person doing the job is called an IT specialist. An IT specialist is the one responsible for the software, hardware, email operations, and security systems of the company.

On the other hand, in the scope of the web industry, information technology encompasses the process of transferring and storing data as well as the manipulation of data with the use of other computer networks. The gist is, IT is the representation of the standardisation and coordination of the organisation’s computer technology.  

What is Web Development?

Web development is the creation and the process of developing and hosting websites on the internet. Web development is the holistic process of creating a website which includes web design, content creation, SSL certification, website maintenance and upgrades and among other essential steps in creating a secure and effective website. 

Web development also envelops coding of the website to bring all the web designers creation into life. The web development process works with a web designer and the client to conduct a thorough planning, critical thinking, and discussing important aspects in the website to create a design that is cohesive to the brand’s goal.

Basically, the web developer is the one who builds the website’s vital functions to render a flawless performance when launched. Lastly, web developers also integrate coding languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript etc. to ensure that the outcome is on par with what he/she and the client agreed upon.  

Information Technology Roles VS Web Development Roles

Both entities are very different from each other. To give you a clear view of what an IT and a web developer do, here is a list of their roles in the world of technology:

An IT Administrator’s Role

• The configuration of the computer networks to render easy communication and operation among the company’s workforce.
• Sets up and manages the computer system’s infrastructure to ensure flawless data flow and uninterrupted internet system.
• Manages the software and hardware of the organisation while keeping the licenses updated.
• Purchases the software and hardware of the company’s computer system.
• Backing up and maintaining the company’s data.
• Troubleshoots any failure and problems in the computer system as it occurs.

The Web Developer’s Role

• Develops the websites crucial coding languages and technologies to ensure its security and credibility to end-users.
• Fixes any bugs and other issues on the website.
• Interacts with the client to have a clearcut understanding of the business’ goals online.
• Website maintenance and upgrades to stray away from faulty websites.
• Collaborates with the web designer to relay the intended concept and style for the website.
• Handles the domain names and the hosting configurations to build the web site’s security and credibility.
• Creates important and technical documentation that comes along with the process of web development.

IT and web development may have different roles in the world of technology but they are working towards one goal: building a system that is safe, effective, and efficient.

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