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Understanding Web Development and Information Technology

The digital world is like the universe. Full of information, from a very simple notion to complex applications. Living in this generation demands at least a few knowledge about web development and information technology to get by.

Web Security: Safeguarding Your Website Against Cybercriminals 

Internet security is one of the most crucial requirements for every website online. Sharing ideas, information, and products online aren’t enough. Projecting a secure connection in your website will not only benefit you but also your website visitors. It will extend credibility and trustworthiness which is essential in the digital world where cybercrime is just around the corner.

Web Security: What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standard requirement for maintaining a safe internet environment and protecting important and sensitive data circulating around. Also, it secures your assets from hackers or cybercriminals. SSL involves the security of shared information between a customer and the business’ server. It ensures every sensitive information shared between users and websites, or between two servers are unreadable for hackers.

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